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Kris Franklin

by Kris Franklin on 10/31/16


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1. Wanda Sturrock said on 11/21/16 - 01:14PM
Gravedigger is everything a suspense novel should be. Colorful, true-to-life characters and vivid descriptions make the reader feel part of the happenings from beginning to end. Every time I thought I had it all figured out, I was...wrong! Great writing.
2. Don Magill said on 12/13/16 - 01:30PM
Very seldom have I encountered a book advertised as a "page turner" to truly be so; however, Kris Franklin's GRAVEDIGGER definitely meets that criteria. As this mystery / suspense thriller unfolds, I found myself not wanting to lay the book down. The action, characters, and dialog are compelling and realistic. The unexpected twists are evident in retrospect, but are cleverly crafted so that one is genuinely and pleasantly surprised. GRAVEDIGGER has a satisfying, poignant ending, and leaves one anticipating the second in the Sionna Magee series, FIREMADEN. Kudos to Franklin!
3. Rachell Eisert said on 1/1/17 - 06:09PM
GRAVEDIGGER is Superbly written! Kris Franklin has a unique talent for bring you into the story. Right from the start I felt like I was right alongside Sionna, and part of the adventure. GRAVEDIGGER definitely keeps you on the edge with thrilling suspense, fast pace and the unexpected. Hard to put it down. Looking forward for the sequel Firemaiden. Kris Franklin spins a great yarn, that does not disappoint.
4. Beth Buechler said on 9/20/19 - 12:55PM
My review is about Kris as an editor. He has helped me with countless stories, a full novel manuscript, and then more stories as needed. First, I go through my beta writers, and then I send it to Kris. He will do micro and macro editing and always points out the over-arching issues that need to be changed. I wouldn't submit anything without going through Kris first.

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